"Although hunting the Sanctuary's giant northeastern whitetails should be enough to bring us back year after year, there is so much more to a Sanctuary hunt than just the kill. We talk about this trip for months in advance, looking forward to the spectacular changing of colors, the comfortable lodge, the friendships that we have developed over the years." .....Stan and Pamela Atwood

"For over 20 years I've hunted with my friends at The Sanctuary. It's one of the trips I look forward to most. The deer are great and the staff is even better.".....Bill Backman

"The Sanctuary is one of the great stories in the hunting world. Pat's vision for a whitetail haven has become a reality and I'm glad to be a part of it."....Steve Chancellor

"For many years we have been supporters of The Sanctuary. Not only as benefactors, but as friends. It is a place like no other." ....The Arthur Gutierrez Family

"While sometimes the size and number of incredible animals that roam this vast property may dominate the highlight reels, the total experience at The Sanctuary is what I am obsessed with."....Bob Chiusano

For the Record

One entry in the record book can be considered quite an accomplishment. Over 300 entries requires a bit more discipline.

There are many ways to measure a successful hunting experience. Considering we consistently dominate entries in the record book, the quality of our herd is a good place to start.

But your hunting experience at Sanctuary is made up of much more than just inches, points, and pounds. It's things that can't be measured with a scale or tape. Things like stories shared around an evening fire. The frost on your boots during a morning stalk. Or the smell of a hardwood forest on a cool autumn day. Then, there's the attention to the details of your stay with us that will bring a smile to your face.

It's true there are many details that make up a successful hunting experience. Over time, we like to think we have measured up pretty well. Our clients think so. Ninety-five percent book repeat hunts.

Some have chosen to book for life.


Because There's More To The Hunt Than The Kill

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